He’s Filled With Rage When A Driver Cuts Him Off. But What Happens? I Have Goosebumps!

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If you’ve ever driven a car in your life, you’ve most certainly gotten angry in that car. It’s the nature of the beast. You can be the safest, most experienced driver in the world, but there are always other people on the road that will do something to make you angry, put you in danger, or even flip you the bird.

Have you ever let that anger get the best of you, though? Have you ever tried to get that person back in some way or pulled your car over and stopped traffic to confront them? Have you ever given someone the bird? If you have, that’s called road rage. And it’s much more dangerous than you might think.

In this great video by Improve World, we see as a black SUV with tinted windows pulls out of a fancy, gated driveway, cutting off a man driving a white pickup truck. The pickup stops short and beeps his horn, a totally acceptable thing to do in that situation. What he does next, however, is road rage.

After stopping short, the man in the white pickup continues beeping at the SUV, pulls up next to it and even pulls in front of it, forcing the black SUV to stop behind him.

The angry pickup driver then gets out of his truck yelling at the black SUV’s driver.

“You cut me off!” he yells. “Get the hell out that car!”

The angry driver continues to yell at the SUV’s driver and even goes so far as to bang on the SUV with his hand. It’s clear at this point that he wants to fight with the SUV’s driver.

Then the black SUV’s door opens and out steps none other than five time World Heavyweight Champion boxer Evander Holyfield with an angry look on his face. This, folks, is one of the baddest men on the entire planet!

As we continue watching Holyfield stare at the man, the pickup truck driver quickly backs away stammering, “I… I didn’t know it was you.”

As Holyfield approaches the man, we cut to a white screen with the words “Avoid road rage” displayed across it before it flips to the text: “You never know who you might run into.”

Wow! That is a serious and chilling message, and an extremely effective PSA.

Supported by several Georgia law enforcement agencies, this PSA should send home the message, loud and clear, that engaging in road rage is an extremely dangerous thing to do.

Play it safe, folks. Let the moment pass, take a deep breath, and move on. Road rage isn’t worth losing your life over.

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