Judy Ann Regrets Endorsing Jamby Madrigal

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Actress Judy Ann Santos vocally expresses her regrets in endorsing Presidential aspirant Sen. Jamby Madrigal when the lady senator ran for a Senate seat in 2004 and won. But then, the feelings were seems mutual.

During the presidential debate held on Feb. 8, Sen. Jamby Madrigal said she regretted getting Santos to campaign for her at the time: “I have seen the folly of my ways and I will not repeat that because I don’t believe that we should perpetuate lies [with the help of] a thick budget.”

Juday retaliated, ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs good that it came from her because we feel exactly the same way.‚Äù The actress said she got upset when she heard about the politician‚Äôs comments. ‚ÄúI thought she was sincere… I thought she believed that I was an effective endorser, that I was able to convince at least three people to vote for her everywhere we went.‚Äù

There’s no doubt that Judy Ann made a great impact on Madrigal campaign in 2004. Juday is among the top 10 celebrity endorsers in the country, pitching for products as from laundry soap to mobile phones. She had a large demographic of supporters and fans.

Juday took offense at the insinuation that showbiz personalities endorse politicians for nothing more, or less, than a hefty talent fee. She said she learned a lot from this controversy. ‚ÄúI am more picky now… before campaigning for anyone, I‚Äôll make sure I know that person really well… from head to foot.‚Äù

Juday implicate that she is not interested in engaging in word war with Madrigal. “I value my name and reputation in the business,” Juday said.

When she was asked if she is endorsing any candidate this election, the actress said, “I’d rather keep that to myself or discuss it only among friends. Or maybe if I’m in the grocery and someone asks who I’d vote for, I’ll be open about it. But I’d rather not campaign openly.”

Her requirements of choosing the next president of the Philippines? “I will vote for someone who will help the country progress, someone who can solve simple problems, like traffic.”

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