Writing a blog on a 3.5″ screen

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courtesy of greenbooks.comI started transcribing my weblog articles using a desktop PC. As time went by, turning on a PC is no longer cost effective as power cost tends to skyrocket with a less chance of going down. Updating my blog would need a cheaper alternative.


With the money earned from selling used and old computer parts, I procured a net book because of its lower power consumption. For the time being, it gave me mobility and indeed cut energy cost.


Now, owning an android smart phone has opened yet another cheaper solution to do the task.


Using a third party app (evernote) and some skill to learn to encode my thoughts using android’s keyboard app, I manage to create several articles including this one.


Though, this option does help me organize my ideas to create one document to another, I would still use my net book to edit and improve the content of my works.


The fact is I can keep my content writing wherever I go and whenever I want to. No idea undocumented and can be continuously updated. And I love every minute doing it!

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