Why android phones sells more than iPhones

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courtesy of mashable.comSmart phones has taken the world aback. Giving us all the power to carry a pocket-sized computer and has become a daily necessity for every people. Though Apple’s iPhone made its entry in the mobile market earlier, Android has gone head to head beyond their delayed introduction.


We cannot deduce the fact that Apple Inc.’s minute devices revolutionized the world of mobile computing but with cheaper price tag and notable outstanding features this will definitely make you switch sides.


What makes Android preferred by most people?


There are several reasons why many people are going for the green robot:

  • Cheap
  • Multitude of free apps
  • Removable and replaceable batteries
  • Highly customizable through widgets and screen launchers
  • Competetive performance
  • A wide range of models, brands and manufacturers to choose from
  • Largest community support from developers and endusers


Imagine what you can do with an android smartphone than just calling or sending text messages. It is in itself a swiss army knife for computer people. It has tapped an endless line of opportunities for smartphone users. Mobile computing in its golden age.


For sometime I did yearn to have an iPhone as part of my gadget collection but the skyrocketing cost delimits my capacity to have one. Luckily, Droid came into the scene and somehow justified my longing for a smart phone.


My experience with Android powered devices has never been more satisfying especially for a technogeek who has the passion for tinkering. The droid really did satisfy my hunger and kept me at work for long hours. Feeding my need for information, discovery and innovation. Reminding me how I did with my first PC.


I am not saying that iPhones are not that good. But if you could buy something so cheap that performs just the same as the good one. Why spend more?

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