Investing on the right computer tower case

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courtesy of toparticlenews.blogspot.comOne of the few important but normally neglected aspects of building your own PC is choosing the right computer case to house the rest of your system components (computer hardware).


Most of the time we tend to choose our computer cases based on price and aesthetic appeal and really don’t think about the main purpose of doing such deed. For all we know, it is customary for computers to be encased no matter what design (color and size) they may come in.


Yet after several years of building customized PCs, I began to understand the essential functions of these computer cases and soon enough I decided to implement suggestive solutions to some of my clients when it comes to purchasing their computer cases.


The cheaper ones that are bundled with a power supply unit, which is commonly retailed on PC outlets are the most common and eventually an easy target for first time buyers and practical consumers. But what should we be looking for in a computer case anyway?


Computer cases do not merely function as a vessel to put together computer hardware (parts) and create a working system. It functions to serve as protection for us against electrical shock due to exposed PC parts. It prevents us from getting hurt or accidentally damaging our PCs in the process. And I think the most important part of it is to provide a “better cooling” solution to our “always” heated-up rig.


All our computer cases follow a certain pattern to allow air to pass through thus in some manner provide ample ways to cool down our hard working computer parts. Additional cooling fans of various sizes can be added to initialize or even increase air flow. Other PC cases even come in open type with grill-like covers for better cooling function.


Other PC enthusiasts (like me) look for durable cases made of quality material, with good internal cabling solutions and enough room to accept a large number of hardware every time we do a needed upgrade. I personally prefer cases with “screw-less” access to facilitate instantaneous maintenance to the computer system unit whenever I need to.


Extreme modders even go for water-cooled-ready cases wherein water can be passed through copper tubes through radiator-like cooling equipment designed for computers (water block). Most of the time computer owners who do some overclocking utilize this kind of cases.


Exterior appearance is the least of our concerns. Stability and strength of material used is what we should be looking for in purchasing a new computer case. What is important is we should also consider investing even a few amounts to get the better case that will provide proper function of protecting our valuable hardware and keeping a cool environment therefore extending the work life of our precious PC.

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