The perks of rooting an Android device

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Rooting your Android smartphone or tablet will unlock its full potential.

Rooting your Android smartphone or tablet will unlock its full potential.

Before convincing myself into owning an Android smartphone, I already imbibed into the trades of the Droid world. Being a techy fellow, tinkering on my gadgets and exploiting all its capabilities is always a possibility. Running the gadget on its stock setup is not enough for me.


I won’t be buying tech toys that isn’t worth exploring or worth my money. All that matters for me is that this one gadget should do more than a few things besides being a phone per se. Otherwise, I won’t be too eager to spend large amounts of cash just to get something that my present tool can do.


Just like desktop computers, having total control over what your device can do for you is a usual scenario for techy people. Administrative control is by far the important ingredient in managing our computing devices.


Rooting is the common word used to describe in getting administrative privileges on Android based devices. Having your smartphone or tablet rooted will open up a lot more room for improvements. Admittedly, manufacturers did not activate the hidden feature to avoid the chances of getting their products malfunctioning which in turn is bad for sales. Yes. Rooting your device may void any warranties tied to it.


With a rooted Android device though, you can:

  • Install tweak and modifications to improve your device’s performance.
  • Install apps that are exclusive to rooted devices like Titanium Backup and Link2SD.
  • Gain access to root folders (system files) which can be modified according to your needs.
  • Increase app compatibility when stock configurations prevents so.

Though rooting can be commonly achieved through flashing a CFW (custom firmware) we are highly cautioned to take the necessary steps so as not to render our precious devices unusable (usually referred to as “bricked” condition).


Despite the said dangers, it is an unrequited challenge for techno geeks like me. You won’t learn unless you try to go beyond your boundaries. Right?

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