Shifting from wired to 4G wireless ISP

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I have been using a wired Internet connection for years and it has served me quite well especially when I still had my Internet Café biz. The stability of wired connections has prevented me from employing wireless service to be installed at my place.


But then I had encountered a problem with my existing connection and only reverting to a wireless service will it be possible for me to continue on the subscription with my current provider.


Most of you will ask, “Why not go for other service providers then?”


My location being almost at the rural mountains of the metro has somewhat placed me to have limited access for services. Only a few slots are available even from other service providers, leaving me to a handful of wireless connectivity options. Present options for wired Internet service is even way too pricey than my current wired one.

I still had doubts whether to accept the fact that the only solution for me being online is to go for this last resort. A long time ago, I did try wireless Internet access through SMART Bro but it has limited my maximum bandwidth requirement to 1Mbps (megabits per second) but still sustained stable connection at my place for more than 2 years.


This time will be a different case for I will be utilizing a 4G wireless service which according to some can be sometimes lagging, with high latency and has rumors of a bandwidth cap thus diminishing my download capability if the latter is true.


I have been using the connection for 3 days now and I can say it has changed my perception (quite a bit) of the 4G Internet. But I still have to wait a few more weeks or months to finally say it is worth my investment.

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