Myphone’s A898 TV-out feature

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courtesy of like any other smartphone in the market, you can do a whole lot of tasks with your smart phone nowadays.


With just a download of a particular application from the Google play store you have the proper tools to assist you on your tasks either at home, school or office.


But not all smart phones are alike and I’m glad that I have a unique tool at my disposal.


As I have mentioned on my previous article, I decided to jump into the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brand phones so I can get a closer hands-on experience with what is making the local mobile phone market tick among the masses.


MyPhone’s a898 Duo can be regarded as a phone in the streamline level and after months of tapping into its screen, I can honestly admit that I can’t leave home without it.


Even though I said I know every turn and tap of my smartphone, I was surprised to see one other feature that I never found on its competitors.


Tinkering on the settings of the A898, I found a rather peculiar setting that I did not have on my previous phone. That is a TV out feature.


This mobile phone sports a 3.5mm audio port and not a mini HDMI port so I didn’t think it can port out any video to a large screen TV. But I was startled to see my captured videos played back on my home TV on the fly. All I needed was a 3.5mm stereo to RCA cable and flip the switch on my phone and voila!


My kids enjoyed every moment as we viewed each home video directly from my smartphone. And the best part, we can now play our all-time favorite plants vs zombies on the big screen!


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