Mobile sheets: a musician’s digital assistant

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courtesy of Yuletide season was one of the busiest periods for church musicians like me. With the dawn and evening masses occurring for nine consecutive days plus the Christmas caroling kicking in, this is definitely one of my longest months.


For years,  I have been bringing a heavy bag of song pieces of various scores as source for our repertoire and it takes a lot of time to prepare our set list for each session. It would be heaven to find a way to ease up the organizing stuff before the final run.


One of the reasons I got myself a tablet is to take my encyclopedic scale of piano scores with me anytime and anywhere. Though at first I employed the functions of adobe’s pdf reader,  but going about the almost endless list of the song pieces eventually became a burden. Efficiency is not yet optimal as intended.


I dug deeper than before and sought a better way to build a database that I can call up,  create a set for a specific event with the ability to post annotations without damaging the original.


This is where mobilesheets app come into place by making all things possible for digital musicians to collect, collate and build their repertoire on the fly.


Mobilesheets can import your pdfs from its very own database, resize and annotate each page accordingly and include page links to make it easier to switch pages while you’re on the groove.


Using my mobile phone’s camera, I can take a quick snapshot of a friend’s music sheet and send it to my tablet through Bluetooth or WiFi in a few easy steps.


I have been using this app for a month now and it really made my piano playing more enjoyable. Thanks to the developer, I survived the Christmas season without a glitch.

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