Is it time for another Android device upgrade?

by • February 20, 2014 • TechnologyComments Off2128 Google’s Android platform has definitely gone a long way. Almost every Filipino today has an Android-powered device in their hands.


For the past years,  developments both in hardware and software aspects has delivered new,  reliable and cost effective tools which are enough to draw the market’s attention to its continuous support and research. Even bringing more powerful and affordable devices to Juan and Pedro.


The year 2013 saw a promising future for the Android development – the rumored Octa core chips,  lower heat and efficient power utilization, and a brand new OS, are some of the many features that are being watched by many tech connoisseur and businesses who are sure to be the first ones to get the initial impressions.


Many are keen to get their hands on the latest Android devices this new year.  But like many of us who are becoming thrift shoppers, is it really a good time to make that hardware upgrade? Better read on and it may save you a few bucks before hitting the market.

When dual cores were not enough. As the old adage says, ”more heads are better one” furthermore “the more the merrier.” Well, really now?  Though, the concept of having more brains running simultaneously is logically a better idea,  these new devices still has some room for improvement.  Most often these devices are in a raw phase. Some says its an overkill. These devices won’t need for so much power since they are just temporary resources for people on the go. Even the battery seems a tad small to power an eight core chip.


Needless to say, there are dual core gadgets that are outperforming or in par with the new. I suggest you better sit this one out and wait furthermore for things to get better. You may also consider going for the current products in the market and maybe their prices have considerably dropped since the initial release.


Watch out for my next article about RAM Size, recommended screen display and other nice features that may help you decide to make or break your purchase of a new or another Android device this year.

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