Ifive X2: One Monster Chinese-made Tablet

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courtesy of aliexpress.comI have owned a few Chinese made tablet PCs and honestly, the price had always been the determining factor for why I go for the less popular devices.


My first one (EKEN T01) though well performing during the dawn of the touch screens, didn’t last that long because of the build quality. The second device (Ainol Novo Crystal) I had was with a well-built hardware yet it suffered from so many bugs from its ROM/firmware. Thus it is now left to my kids for their own enjoyment. I decided to get another one for myself but reconsidered so many factors in choosing one just to make a good buy for my hard earned cash.


The arrival of quad core processors for tablets has changed the game though initial releases by some manufacturers didn’t reach up to the consumers’ expectations. But somehow, some of these Chinese manufacturers listened to what the end users were saying. This time a better device has come close enough to go head-to-head with its western counterparts.


Five Elements (FNF) which is a newcomer in the tablet manufacturing scene has made an eye catching debut with their 7″ tablet PC. Ifive mini received a warm welcome when it was introduced in the Philippines. Once again they got more attention with the arrival of their very own quad core variant, the ifive x2.


What makes this tablet so appealing is its high quality build matched with a very attractive price. Its mainstream screen size (8.9″), boasting of screen clarity (retina display), fairly new yet powerful 28nm (nanometer) processor from Rockchip, high performance quad core graphics chip Mali 400, a 2GB RAM and a 16GB storage will make the previously released quad core tablets pee on their pants. Its size has been well compensated by its slim and light to the hand profile. Hands down, this one is way better than my previous tablet.


Asides from the quality and eye popping specs, its large community support from all over the world will make sure this device will have all its functions and capabilities thoroughly utilized by a lot of users.


The ifive X2 is currently distributed by Novotech7 here in the Philippines. You can find more reviews about this fairly powerful tablet in the World Wide Web. I guarantee this gadget is a good deal.

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