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Camera 360If you are one of the few people in the Philippines or another part of the world who luckily own one of FNF’s premiere tablets (the ifive X2), my article here might give you a few more things that you can do to make your X2 experience much more favorable.


One of the best things about Android devices is the ability to customize your tool to work according to your needs since the lack of it may spoil the fun. Not only are we talking about eye candy goodness but also tweaks and workarounds to boost its hardware performance.


I have listed here some of the useful resources for X2 owners like me to keep my monster tablet up to speed.


1. Custom ROMS and rooting. We may have been warned that rooting our tablets will void its warranty. Needless to say, rooting is what most Android users are normally doing these days because getting administrative privileges will clear your path to more apps and total full control of your device.


The link below collected a list of rooted and non-rooted original firmwares that you can use at your own disposal. I suggest that you test each ROM to get a taste of the features on each one. Likewise, it will help you find the right ROM for you.


2.Flashing and rooting procedure. Right after finding more information about our device, the itch to tinker will soon kick in. Only the right tools with the easy to follow step by step procedure will make sure that you don’t end up with a dead device.


The procedure posted by Techknight at Miniand has been used by many X2 owners and has successfully flashed their chosen firmwares without any problems. Just read up, follow the instructions and keep a clear mind when conducting the procedure.


3. Pinoy community support. If you want to find more useful information or want to share the same to fellow Filipino X2 owners, the link below will grant your wish. Facebook groups is one of the best venues for most Filipinos to commune in a forum similar webpage without further need of creating another account to access a discussion group. Currently, there is only one FNF Facebook group dedicated to the Filipino community.


The above mentioned online resources has helped me in customizing my ifiveX2 and aid me in configuring my device without totally breaking it.


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