E-trikes soon in Mandaluyong City

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People nowadays are so ecologically friendly and become more adept on what is better for the environment and how they can contribute to it. However, in Mandaluyong City, their government is practicing their people to environmental awareness of the ecosystem like having to utilize tricycles that are power-driven by electricity or what they called e-trikes.
This will be soon implemented by, Mayor Benhur Abalos of Mandaluyong. Such beneficial innovation will soon be spotted in the city that certainly is of great advantage to the tricycle drivers but the populace as well, because it will not wreck the environment.

Mayor Abalos has accepted the great project that was granted to them in courtesy of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) amounting to $100,000. This is actually equivalent to 22 eight-seater e-trikes to be awarded to some qualified tricycle drivers of the city after a few months.

The initial two e-trikes that are eco-friendly vehicles arrive in Mandaluyong, for a drive test run corresponding to the said project of City’s Federation of Tricycles Association. The father of the city, Mayor Abalos has initiated for awhile regarding the durability of the new vehicles if they can sustain 24 hour run, non-stop.

The mayor said however, that by gradually using this type of vehicles in their city would certainly bring good exemplary to others in having a clean and polluted-free surrounding. Actually, we are not compelling the drivers to use e-trikes, we are just inculcating on their minds that with this project, nothing is impossible with it, and can further profit from this technology and be handed down to the next generation in promoting clean air for clean lives.

The association for tricycle drivers however, made a study earlier on the e-trikes earning, they eventually earn as much as 195 pesos per day. What is best from e-trikes, is that it does not emit greenhouse gases and do not further becomes a factor to climate change, Mayor Abalos revealed.

The government informed the would-be owners of e-trikes that they do not have to worry about their charging stations, since, they will be having two of which, perhaps along Pioneer Street and Sgt. Bumatay Street in Barangay Plainview. The mayor urged the people to work hand in hand for their campaign for clean air, by merely displaying the art of the amazing tricycle as a means of transportation that would be clean and beneficial to all. If such a small city can do it, why can’t this be done by the rest of the cities in Manila?

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