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courtesy of forum.xda-developers.comCWM or Clockwork Mod recovery is by far the most important tool for owners of rooted Android devices. As a stock recovery replacement for your device, it can provide a better backup for your phone and tablet. And even more than just making a backup.


Right after I rooted my Android smartphone a few months ago, I immediately installed CWM on my mobile. My hands on experience has brought me to discover and utilize some of its features.


Due to the creation of ported and customized ROMS (firmwares), updates (referred to as flashing) can be easily done thru the CWM interface. Done that many times to several devices I own now. It’s very handy especially when you’re on a quest for the right firmware for your gadget.


Aside from the firmware updates, it’s very notable feature is the creation of a nandroid backup. That is a complete backup of your phone’s last working state from ground up. If in the event of a bootloop (a case where your Android device fails to start and stuck in the start-up logo), restoring your backup through CWM will instantaneously put you back on track. Like nothing happened. Cool!


Furthermore,  CWM recovery can also be used to reset your phone to its default (factory) settings,  and do some housekeeping tools like cleaning of cache,  removal existing data and partitioning of your SD card to name a few.


If you are planning to root your Android device, include CWM recovery on top of your list. This is just one of those powerful tools you can utilize to make your Android experience worthwhile.


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