Death of desktop computers?

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courtesy of winextra.comHP (Hewlett-Packard) was one of the topnotch computer manufacturer in the world but recently their superiority has been challenged for the first time by China-based manufacturer Lenovo.


Lenovo has been IBM’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier for desktop and laptop computers since then. Their decision to step up to sell their own line of products has given them positive results.


Judging on Lenovo’s products, they do offer a good price-to-quality ration compared to the rest of the market. But then tablets and smart phones offer a cheaper solution for most digital consumers.


The subsequent drop in sales for the desktop and laptop units has made PC manufacturers around the globe at risk of closing down. The demand for the standard home computing appliance has decreased due to the emergence of light-weight and pocket-sized digital devices.


Smart phones and tablets are selling like hotcakes and the demand for these gadgets has multiplied during he past several months. When laptops and net books are now too big for people to carry, tablets and smart phones are there to satisfy the need for mobile computing.


Are we soon beginning to see the replacement of the bulky desktop computers at our homes with these carry-size devices?


After having a hands-on experience with tablets and smart phones, I can say that there are still a lot things you cannot do on these hand-held computers. The screen size and the comfort of working around things are still a bit constricted. Not all people are convinced to get hold of a tablet to do their computing tasks. I tried writing several articles with a tablet. I managed to finish my piece but I feel the lack of multi-tasking ability while I do my work. Even, the fragility of these devices makes them less as an option for some people.


Tablet PCs and smart phones “can” be an alternative for the meantime to do our menial tasks but the desktop (and laptop) computers can still provide a better solution for overall comfort and accuracy in having our jobs done.


Investing in home desktops is still the better option for the rest of the family to share and enjoy.


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