Be aware of Privacy intruder in Facebook, your photos might be snatched!

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Would you allow people to hack your photos? Be very cautious then in uploading pictures of you in social networks such as the most popular site nowadays, Facebook. The latest trend is to hack pictures, posted at Facebook for a newly launched website called that provides opportunity for love-seekers to find a partner by sifting through your Facebook account and checking your homepage without you noticing.
About 250,000 pictures were used by categorized by gender, race, amusing, haughty, and the so-called “climber”. Is it not hilarious at the same time, humiliating to see your profile on a naughty dating website, which you did not possibly expect? Paolo Cirio and Alessandro Ludovic are co-creators of the dating agency. They quoted at an online statement in Berlin “We wanted to expose these people to express themselves freely breaking Facebook’s boring social rules and will be done in art sake”. Is this an excuse? Contravening ones privacy is a crime. A very huge crime I suppose. They also added upon seeing the hundred of thousand smiles, gazes, and leering expressions drove them to make the website, giving these people the chance of their lifetime. Facebook was devastated on the issue it is facing. It says, “scraping or mining information violates the terms and conditions of the leading social network”. The site is ask to take due action for the said event that bluntly rob Facebook users of their privacy. Facebook management is in the process of taking legal action against the said site. Recently though, the controversial site has it shut down due probably of the legal lawsuit of facebook without any justification why. It is up to the decision of the legal outcome of Facebook complaint against this notorious dating website, whether it will still go off or on as a dating website wherein members register to be able to create profiles of themselves.
Perhaps, the best thing to do about this is to be vigilant of your privacy of your Facebook, so that your data would not be stolen. Facebook is expected to give more settings that are effective on their privacy to protect users.
Therefore, as for all facebook users, especially us Filipinos who are fond of this social site, we have to take heed of our profiles so as not to fall prey from manipulation of others, at our extent. They may have good intentions but in the end, they are intruding our privacy. So when you post and upload, be very cautious!!! Just a friendly reminder, from a concern facebooker.

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One Response to Be aware of Privacy intruder in Facebook, your photos might be snatched!

  1. vanessa says:

    yes, we should be careful in posting pictures in facebook. grabe what technology and the social network can do – it can make or BREAK you!