Android device features to look out for this year

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From my previous article, I discussed about the recent processor technology that Android devices are perceived to be carrying out starting this year. But aside from the multiple cores as your basis to procure your new Android tab or phone, there are still other features that may help you decide before pulling out money from your pocket.


RAM: Does size matter? Basic tech science has taught us that the bigger the memory, the better it performs. Yes this is true. Though there is not that much significant impact on most Android devices, getting more memory for your gadgets is still recommended. Aim for 1GB at least.


Storage and expansion.If you want to put more apps and files into your device, find one that has more than enough space to store your data. Also, an expandable storage option will be most welcome. As of this writing, 8GB storage is entry level while the 16GB is the standard. Remember that the system will be taking up space to run the operating system so you won’t really get to use all of those internal storage.


Screen size, clarity and durability.Most devices nowadays are built with scratch proof features (Gorilla glass) since majority of our interactions are made through the screen. Keeping the touch screen free from any damage is a top priority. Though all manufacturers claim for toughness of their devices, it still boils down to our own handling methods.


As for clarity, look for good screen resolutions and higher pixel per inch (PPI) combinations. To find that retina screen feature, you may want to ask around check out some stores and be active on forums to know more about those picture perfect screens.


The size of the screen depends on what you intend to do with the device. The larger the screen, chances are the weight also increases.


Enough juice to peruse. Last but not the least since this is the most ignored part of Android devices – the battery life. If the device of your choice is one power house gadget then be sure that its battery size is enough to answer your needs even for a day. The lesser visits to the charging outlets, the better. There’s a multitude of apps, tips and tweaks to keep the juice up until needed but if you can’t find a better deal then invest on a powerbank or extra battery for that matter.


There are notable processing chips for Android devices that have better energy utilization thus giving off less heat, better performance and less power consumption. The latest Rock chip based devices is one example.


Some nice new features. There are some good features of Android devices being offered today that were not yet present from previous devices. Like the On Glass Display Solution (OGS) – reduces the thickness of the display for better response, Back Side Illumination (BSI) – better lighting for images, High megapixel count for front and rear cameras (mostly on phones).


As for me, I am still waiting for these tabs to sport a decent performing camera, call and texting capability, as well as LTE support.


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