A898 Duo : a local brand smartphone that caught my eye

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courtesy of thetechnoyouthph.blogspot.comA few months ago, I decided to get another android smartphone for myself. I previously got a Lenovo A60+, a single core processor smart phone in the market which I have succeeded rooting (synonymous to jailbreak) and beefed-up according to my needs. The arrival of better processors has even made me flip the switch and immediately caused me to decide in getting a dual core smartphone instead.


Though I wasn’t as excited to get a local distributed gadget, I gave it a shot to have one. It was so difficult choosing between OEM rebranded phones in the market today since everyone else are using the same specifications. The price and the freebies are the deciding factor for most buyers.


As for me, I relocated the price and the freebies at the bottom of my list and instead yearned for some other factors that will help me decide which one to buy. First of is the after sales service. How fast will these companies look after their client’s needs? I looked for the assurance that their support will be as top-notch as the other famous brands in the market. Then comes the first-hand experience from other users. What features will convince other people to buy the same device from this particular brand? Will this device meet my needs?


It took me a week to gather information and decide which local brand I will be putting my money on. I looked around the mall to check on prices and freebies (if they have one). I even did a hands-on feel of the device so I can check if I can handle the weight and the size of my chosen droid phone.


Before handing in my cash, I came up with my top three brands and models to choose from: MyPhone’s A898 Duo, Cherry Mobile’s Titan and MyPhone’s A919 Duo. All of them have big screens ranging from 4.5 – 5.0 inch capacitive and IPS (in plane switching). CM’s Titan is a big game changer because of the screen size, camera pixel and cheap price as compared to A919 with the same set of features. But after trying to get a feel of each of these phones, I decided to get a smaller one. One that I can still put inside my pocket and easy enough to handle even with one hand. I also chose a brand that has been in the mobile market longer. MyPhone’s A898 won the contest.


Asides from it being my preference, I heard a lot of good review regarding its performance. This, for the record, is the first locally branded phone that I had since then. I felt good owning one and will look forward in owning another one from the same brand in the future.

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