Was it a friendly game after all?

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courtesy of forums.hardwarezone.com.sgWe ought to set a game with other countries’ athletes not only to gain experience but to also learn more from them or to share what we possess so others can learn in the same manner.


Winning the game isn’t the real deal but to ascertain more information to enhance our present state is what makes athletic competitions rewarding. Furthermore, gaining a few more friends is an added bonus.


Fans will always be there to show support and to intensify the team’s morale. Likewise, they will be present to counteract the opposing fans’ battling throws and help win the game.


The PH Azkals friendly game with HK has been auspicious. Ending in a 1-0 field goal is a definite home run. HK (Hongkong) football team is a formidable one and defeating them will make one’s mama very proud.


The ill-fate suffered by the Pinoys who graced and watched the match was heart breaking. With their experiences shared in Twitterverse, reading them will make you enraged. Their hope for enjoyment faded and was replaced with a feeling of distraught from the hands of the HK Nationals. The friendly tag lost its definition.


HK fans even booed and cursed as the Phillipine national anthem was played and the Philippine flag waved. Many Filipino netizens attested to it.


My family dreamt of winding up at Hongkong’s Disneyland. Considering that not all Chinese people at HK are all alike, it did somehow inhibit my future journey to this land.


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