The world felt cheated on Pacman-Bradley boxing match

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courtesy of bleacherreport.comIt has been two days now after the most awaited fight of the “people’s champ” Manny Pacquiao with Timothy Bradley which concluded on a very disappointing and controversial result.


To tell you the truth, I did not watch the (whole) boxing match may be because I grew tired of watching this guy (Pacquiao) win his fights, or I really never dig sports like boxing, and I took the chance of shopping at the mall (for my kid’s school things) while everyone is at home watching this debated prize-fight.


Looking at the credentials of these two boxers, Pacquiao may be older than Bradley and more experienced in the field of boxing yet Bradley never lost a fight and his age may become his strength in this match. Analysts shared their opinions giving Pacman a greater chance of (once again) defending his title.


But after 12 rounds of pound for pound punches, the result dazzled if not flabbergasted the crowd. Bradley did steal the championship crown from Pacquiao. Many who watched the fight has imparted their bewilderment and found the result unacceptable.


With the questionable result, people begin to wonder that something’s cooking and it seems the boxing match was just a sham to put these two fighters “in business.”


What really is surprising is the aftermath of the fight. Bradley for winning the fight shows up in a press conference sitting on a wheel chair while Pacquiao leaves the arena in a Limo Bus with his family and friends. Bradley has a twisted ankle and a few broken bones on his feet and need to be rushed to the hospital and may not be able to train for several days while our man, Manny enjoys a good dinner with his family and appears unscathed.


I was able to watch the last few rounds of the game, and something is different with Manny. A rather reserved boxer on the climax of a million dollar fight without any hint of aggressive exploit to somehow end the night with a nice punch and be able to knock down his opponent. What the hell is he thinking then?


The announcement of a rematch between Bradley and Pacquaio on November this year somehow validates our suspicions. I don’t really know their motives but I hope that Pacman wouldn’t lose the trust of the people. I think this guy had enough riches for himself and no need to prove his prowess as a boxer. It is high time for other Pinoy boxers to showcase their own talents and for us to support them.

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