Pacman’s shocking defeat is a definite call for retirement

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courtesy of www.examiner.comEvery Filipino fan was surely shocked on the surprising turn of events on the recent Pacquiao-Marquez 4th title bout. With just a second left before the bell rings for the end of the 6th round, Manny receives a straight to the face reach in from counter-puncher Marquez – sending the people’s champ to the ground. This is something that caused die-hard fans and even not-so-much boxing fanatics like me to be disheartened with the results of the match.


Finding our champ face down on the boxing ring and motionless is a very demoralizing moment for almost every Pinoy. Is it time for him to step down for this second and more painful loss?


Pacman’s performance on his two recent bouts (Bradley and Marquez) has showed a rather trimmed down Manny Pacquiao – one that reflects a rather reserved and easy-going boxer compared from his earlier fights. I think Manny already has his hands full and has too much on his platter.


This fight with Marquez is no longer necessary and what I see is just a profitable match for both contenders. All we know now is that Juan Manuel Marquez is truly Pacman’s greatest adversary, one that can stop the once raging bull in the boxing ring.


Manny has done more than enough for his fellowmen and there’s nothing wrong in leaving the world of pro boxing when you have brought a memorable era of championship streaks for the Philippines.

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