Nonito Donaire’s mom finally speaks out of her grievances

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“Stop lying, or else I will spank you”, Nonito Donaire’s mom said to the WBA Super Flyweight Champion of the Philippines. Here in our country, we actually, stand together as family no matter what, through thick and thin, that is how family oriented we are.
Nanay Donaire, the mother of Nonito Donaire Jr. cannot really take what his son has been saying of them. As a mother, she will never tolerate him saying harsh words to them as his parents. The controversies sparked up, on an interview with him posted in just recently, entitled “Nonito Donaire: The Sadness Behind the Smile.” The World boxer mentioned that his parents were not in good terms with her wife, Rachel. He also added that he came from a very poor family, not the favorite among the brood and lastly, he was a victim of child abuse from his military father. When his mom heard all these, she recounted that all her son’s revelations were all false and baseless.
These were the grievances of Nonito Donaire’s mother, Nanay Donaire on an interview with Anthony Andales:
She said,” Enough is enough, I have to air our side now, and wants to make my world champion son be aware that, we his family are listening to all lies, he thrown to us. He will certainly get a spanking from me if he won’t stop.”
In fact, the mother and the whole family were so hesitant at first to comment because it might cause chaos, but as they heard Nonito Jr’s earlier make-believe stories, they finally come out to the open. It saddens his mom and the whole Donaire’s family regarding those allegations.
Her mom said, “Real family must not count those expenses they made with each other, if his dad did not loved him, he would have account him of all we spent to raise him up too. His dad can never do that to him because he loves him.”
“Those accusations he made against us are not fair especially when we are his family, we raised them up through my being a teacher and his father Dodong as a soldier that time, and there is always food enough for all of us in the table”, Nanay Donaire explained. “Why, was he jealous of Glenn when during his struggling years, his brother was the one supporting him financially since he has no work but to boxed?” In fact, she said too, that Glenn was the one sustaining his needs because they made a pact together with their father that they have to support and share money whoever has.
The father of the world boxer shared that, “I love all of them so much, when I heard of what he said about me, it crushes my heart and hurt his brothers and sister. He preferred karate that time because he chose it, but when he saw Glenn’s trophies, he told me that he will box and there is no jealousy at all. I dragged them then, every weekend to run and held both their hands in the Marina together, we were all happy and aim to pursue a goal to be supportive with one another, as a pact”, the father recalled. Nevertheless, those promises perished when Nonito Donaire got married.
Several people commented on this that if Donaire considers Pacquiao as his Idol, why not follows Pacman’s treatment to his family, who never left him behind even when he was still nobody, instead of making false alibis just to draw attention.

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4 Responses to Nonito Donaire’s mom finally speaks out of her grievances

  1. Zenko says:

    as the Pilipino saying goes, ” ang di marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay di makakarating sa paroroonan”. (did i get it right?) The stardom he is experiencing now is just temporary. Remember: Position, Power, Money or Popularity do not a great man make. I pity him.

  2. Celeste says:

    Sana pamarisan ni Nonito Donaire si Manny Pacquiao not only on the latter’s boxing style but also on Pacquiao’s character, discipline and attitude. As a true-blooded Filipino, he should be an example of a respectful son with a humble and forgiving heart. Sana gamitin niya ang mapait at malungkot (kung meron man) na nakaraan sa pagsulong ng kanyang ambisyon na maging isang matagumpay na boxer. Pero kung itong nakaraan na ito ay gagamitin lamang niya sa pagiging “bitter” sa kanyang mga magulang at kapatid, ito rin ang hihila sa kanya pababa. Dapat move on na si Nonito Donaire. There are no perfect daughters and sons, just as there are no perfect parents. Ang panalangin ng ating Panginoong Diyos ay nakalaan sa mga nagbibigay halaga at galang sa kanilang mga magulang. Ang ating mga magulang ay di nakukuha kung saan-saan lang o nabibili sa department stores. Ito ay ipinagkaloob sa atin ng Panginoong Diyos, hindi ito isang aksidente. Sa darating na panahon, magiging ama din si Nonito Donaire, at ang tanging dasal ko sa kanya na magkaroon siya nang magalang at mabait na anak. And it is not yet too late, to reconcile and be in good terms with his family, especially to his parents. God bless him.

  3. Ed Gonzales says:

    If this is true, it is unfortunate… A son or daughter should never talk bad about their parents and if they absolutely have to – it should be private and kept within the family… The same goes for parents, never air your dirty laundry “outside”….

  4. vannah says:

    both have their own sides. it does not matter which side is right. at this time dapat nonito and wife should just keep quiet. wala silang dapat iprove. they should humble themselves.