Allado’s social tweets hints corruption in PBA

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courtesy of ayandeatoinrandom.wordpress.comDon Allado (Center of the Red Bull Barako) has admitted that he is to blame for spilling his guts out on social network media (Twitter) regarding his woes about the outcome of their game with Powerade Tigers . Allado’s tweets insinuated a “game-fixing” incident within the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) league leading to the loss of the Barakos.


Game-fixing within the most honored Philippine sport is a grave issue if this is proven present in the professional basketball league. No one will ever want to watch the PBA if all games are setup and winners predetermined. The worst case scenario is less value for our Filipino athletes not being able to show what they have to offer in the world of basketball. Basketball will lose some points and may not be considered our nation’s most loved sport aside from boxing, billiards and the now emerging football.


Allado is being fined at least P500,000 including getting suspended for the whole conference as  fair compensation for the damages made to the PBA. A plausible penalty to keep our ball players responsible enough not to make unnecessary actions that may put them in a compromising spot.


Many Pinoys lauded Allado’s cause in voicing out the frauds within the league. No one is brave enough to do such a whimsical outburst of emotion that can damage his own organization. I too would be on his side. Say he is angry and he is drunk but neither would keep us from telling the truth as long as it is the reality.


The House of Representatives have initiated a probe to find out if the Barako Bull center is in fact right on his allegations despite his immediate denial of the negative statement. We can invariably thank Allado for his actions if the investigation will return promising results for the betterment of the league.

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