Weighing UPCAT and USTET

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courtesy of taopo.orgPassing the entrance exams in our country’s reputable colleges and universities has been an exciting and nerve wracking experience for the majority of high school seniors. Moving up from high school to college to earn a degree is the most anticipated event for graduating students. Moreover, passing the exam on your preferred educational institution is more satisfying than finally graduating in high school.


I’ve been to four different entrance exams and have successfully passed two out of four. One of them I didn’t bother to take after finding out that I passed the test in UST (Univeristy of Santo Tomas) where I did earn my degree in Architecture.


As always, the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test) will always be the first entrance exam every aspiring student will try to surpass. The quality of education plus the low tuition fees compared to other schools in the Metro will always be a target for most college wannabees. But due to the quota system, your chances of getting inside the university will be lower depending on how you fare.


All the entrance exams I have taken have their own differences and weights. I can say that there is no test as easy as 123. Still it is up to us if we will pass or fail the given tests. Time constraints, tricky questions and method of exam delivery will put every examinees on the edge of their seats.


I wonder why people have always tried to compare the entrance tests of various schools as basis of the quality of education. As a college graduate, I can say that there are a number of factors to consider before we can determine the quality of education and getting to a good school like UP or UST is no longer a big deal nowadays.


Both schools are best on their own ways. But again, it is up to the student how he will perform no matter which school he has decided to spend his time in college.


The feud that started on a mere FB (Facebook) status update is not worthy of our time. Our quality of education will suffer more when we spend our energy on these useless and endless debates.


I commend both sides for humbly passing through this issue and nobly admitting their mistake for starting the word war. I hope it won’t create a fissure between UP and UST.

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One Response to Weighing UPCAT and USTET

  1. Just an update: The (unofficial) UPCAT page admins apologized on behalf of the “reckless” admin who posted the controversial thread. But still, it will never be forgotten. Admin of UP & UST Friendship here