Things that causes accidents and traffic jams in PH roads

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courtesy of biketoworkblog.comEvery weekday I bring my kids to school at different times of the day. And everytime I go out to drive our family car, slow downs will eventually be around the corner and even more unfortunate is to be stuck in traffic due to misunderstandings between drivers which results to accidents.


Given that it is rush hour, people have the knack to counter flow or beat the red light. Even to the point of flashing those bright lights and keeping their hands on that blaring horn. Offensive driving at its best! The chances of hitting another car, a motorcycle or even people will surely be that high. Not to mention, traffic authorities are most of the time ignored by these licensed street killers. What is happening to us?


Seriously people! If you are in a rush every day, why not rise up early to avoid the morning rush? And avoid being a raging bull everyday just to get to your destination.


Maybe some of us would think that our government is not doing enough to tame the beastly traffic problems that we all are experiencing each day. That our traffic management is mediocre at its best. Add to this is that there are too many vehicles in the road nowadays. Or is it that our drivers are uneducated? But come to think of it, it all boils down to one specific problem. Yes! It’s us people causing all this travel discomforts to each and every one.


We can blame ourselves for being too lazy to be ON TIME and still living the “Filipino time.” We have to show respect and give way so that we could receive the same from others. Value our lives so we can value other people and avoid being aggressive on the road. Be patient enough to take your turn and avoid going against the flow thus adding to the problem. These things will surely lessen our traffic jams and may even minimize the need for traffic management equipments. Road courtesy for road safety that is what this country needs.

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