The success of the “Millions March”

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courtesy of do still want a better country. The reason why many decided to support the millions march against the scrapping of pork barrel a.k.a. PDAF.


Though the number didn’t reach the millions mark, can we consider it a triumphant cause? Yes. Why? Because of certain reasons.


One, it was purely a voluntary cause. I believe no solicited amount were involved to park a number of people to go to Luneta and take part in the rally. No single individual ever went there with bribed cash in their pockets. Bringing with them hope that our government will heed the nation’s call.


Two, peace and order was maintained all throughout. No protester was hurt nor any cop injured in the assembly. A civilized protest processed. No one went home bruised, not even shed a drop of blood from a fresh wound. A serene disparity for the irregularities happening in our public offices.


Three, most attendees were tax payers who were greatly concerned to where there revenues go. The abolishment of PDAF will assure righteous fund appropriation. Taxpayer’s money will have justifiable utilization and further encourage others to pay their dues up to the last centavo.


The millions march didn’t hold up to its name yet the essence of the people’s assembly holds true to its success.

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