Teaching our legislators to go vegan

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courtesy of nusp.orgPDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund) better known as ‘Pork Barrel’ is the hottest piece on the menu. Ever since the emergence of controversial Janet-Lim Napoles, the pork never left the Filipino hot pot of controversies.


For ordinary people like me, the pork barrel never was an issue until I learned about paying my dues. Even so, looking at the amount of money unwillingly stripped off my wage that sometimes it hurts so badly while having a lingering thought that that generous amount will soon be finding its way to other people’s pockets.


PNoy affirms his move to abolish PDAF and so does other lawmakers. But will the removal of the pork barrel be beneficial after all? Or will it just be another way to replace yet another corruptible system?


Maybe the absence of PDAF will no longer be a reason for some public officials to take interest in holding on to their public office for more years and even enticing political dynasties just to leech on the taxpayer’s money.


The contents of the proposed public funding system should be able to hit all the targets particularly the 7-point system which is said to be corruption deterrent.


But will the House of Representatives be willing enough to go on a money diet? I bet they won’t be as forgiving to surrender to this cause.


The removal of the PDAF is a promising one and this is one thing that we should thank Napoles for somehow making the pork a sizzling matter to discuss.

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