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courtesy of newsinfo.inquirer.netWhile our politicians were communing at the House of Congress in Batasan Complex, some of us were in the streets as early as 6 in the morning to start shouting our grievances to the government.


The SONA is but a short one. Nearly a two-hour speech delivered by our president about the current status of our country. But this short span report is always greeted with a half-day event of violence and chaos. A disturbing reaction from our fellowmen.


Classes would have not been suspended if people will not rally down the streets. Many should have been on time to work if traffic wasn’t so bad. No one would be hurt if they didn’t go out and protest. Policemen would have been efficiently deployed to keep peace and order in other places if they weren’t all huddled along the Batasan premises.


These are the scenes you will see during the SONA. A day of protest. A day of chaos. A day of unreasonable actions. An ineffective way to help our country.


Terribly a lost cause for everyone.


What our country needs is trust from one another and respect for every person. A rare gem of great value.


Not even the president can turn everything according to our wish in a snap. It needs the rest of the country to act collectively to a common direction so change can be felt from top to bottom.


Trust your fellowmen and you will earn respect from your countrymen.

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