Revive Your Bayanihan Spirit Extend Your Help To Ondoy Victims

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typhoon ondoy victims

As of yesterday, NDCC (National Disaster Coordinating Council) had report 246 death toll due to typhoon Ondoy (international name: Ketsana) and as I write this article the number of lives taken by the typhoon is still rising and many are still missing.  Ondoy came to Greater Manila and Luzon with wind 85 kph and gusts of 100kph, not really strong for a typhoon.  But really hit the Manila and Luzon area is the heavy rain fall bought by the typhoon.

Ondoy, showered Metro Manila with a one month amount of rain in just a day!¬† The entire metropolitan Manila is 80% underwater, and according to Historians that was the most disastrous typhoon ever hit Metro Manila for at least 400 years.¬† The nine-hour deluge on Saturday (October 26, 2009) turned Manila’s roads into raging rivers, sweeping away cars, properties and even lives that comes into its way. The deluge left some areas of the sprawling city of 12 million people under up to six meters (20 feet) of water, forcing the government to declare a “state of calamity” that allowed authorities to use emergency funds.

Seeing Metro Manila and some part of Luzon during and after the typhoon is heartbreaking.  Dead bodies are found hanging on electric lines, river banks, sidewalks and I had seen on the news a body of a baby hanging on the branches of a tree.   You see miles and miles of people lining up in for food in evacuation centers.   Hard-earned properties were trampled, it seems so hopeless but the word hopeless is not in the vocabulary in Pinoy’s dictionary.

Let me share the blog post written on

Ondoy Revives Bayanihan Spirit

After Typhoon Ondoy devastated major areas from the capital of the Philippines, Metro Manila and all other CALABARZON areas, thousands of our fellow Filipinos are in need of clothing, food, water and money. According to PAGASA, Ondoy set a record for most rainfall in a day, equaling the amount of rainfall Manila receives for an entire month. Ondoy is also considered the most disastrous storm that ever hit the Metro for the past 400 years the least. If you watch the news, I’m sure you’ll feel deeply burdened by the current situation there. I consider my self lucky to still have a home, basic necessities and electricity allowing me to continue blogging about this tragedy.

Two LIVE videos that were shot by ABS-CBN and GMA News really shattered my heart. While I’m still trying to locate some videos of them, I’m just going to explain what happened. ABS-CBN shot a scene wherein two teenagers and a six year old girl was standing on a pile of bamboo, trash and other debris from the raging floods. Then all of a sudden, their path was blocked by a bridge. Only one was able to make it through underneath. Two of them were found dead under the bridge after the flood subsided. On the other hand, GMA News caught in their camera a man carrying a recently rescued six day old baby without any protection from the heavy rain. The baby later died on the evacuation center.

Real sad news right? There are still some reasons to smile about even after the tragedy. I was watching ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya Update and guess what, they already gathered 25 Million pesos worth of variety of goods and services and a total of 22 Million pesos cash from our fellow Filipinos locally and abroad. This update was reported 7 PM of September 27th, and I’m sure the figures are still increasing. GMA is also having a fund-raising drive for the victims of Storm Ondoy, unfortunately, I do not have their figures yet. No matter what, this just proves that the spirit of Bayanihan is still alive in the Philippines.

You’re kababayan here back home is needing you’re help.  All kind of help is welcome and appreciated. is not accepting any donation; please forward it NGO and government offices that handles donation.  Below are the links where you can find list of agencies and sites where you can give your donations.

For USA: Follow this link or this

For Online and International (Non-US) Donation Sites: Follow this link or this

Other donation sites and means is posted on the Home Page.

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5 Responses to Revive Your Bayanihan Spirit Extend Your Help To Ondoy Victims

  1. […] finalist of the US talent search Rockstar:INXS, Mig Ayesa pitch in his talent to help victim of Typhoon Ondoy victim.¬† Last October 11, Mig together with the New York‚Äôs eight leading Fil-Am bands and other […]

  2. Frances says:

    I would very much like to use your photo of the tphoon victims in our newsletter. We are a mission organisation and we are raising funds to help the victims of typhoon Ondoy. Thank You.

  3. admin says:

    @Frances -yes, you may use the photos posted. we’re glad to be of help…

  4. jean says:

    sana po wa;la ng bagyo………darating…kawawa naman po un nasalanta sa bagyo pati mga batang walang kamalay malay na darating sa knila ang ganitong pag subok….marami pong salamat sa tulong nyo sa amin olahat noon…thanks and more power… you all and love you more

  5. we don’t want to happen this again don’t we? And more typhoons are coming to us this year.we just have to prepare for it.