Photo thief’s brave act

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courtesy of Joseph Solis may have cast a negative aura on his name and our country’s prime state university (University of the Philippines), but his steadfast decision to ask for an apology for his furtive accomplishment should also be taken into account.


After losing his chance to win the photo contest, Solis will undergo a series of painful life situations – humiliation and possible repugnance from some of his fellow UP colleagues and condemnation for his photo thievery.


It may demoralize him in some point but surely it will teach him the value of hard work where victory is sweetest when the task is done diligently and with your own hands.


Yes. We sure were outraged with Mark Joseph’s unjust undertaking yet we should also commend this young man for admitting his mistake, furthermore crediting the one true author of his presupposed artistry.


Not only should Mark Joseph learn from this circumstance but the same goes to each of us. The fruits of our labor are best served with unrelenting pride and with honor.


We commit mistakes not because it is innate in us. Mistakes happen so that we may learn to concede to our faults, right our wrongs, and learn from it.

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