Philippines, a “key voice” in Asia says Obama

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With the vivid supports and assistance of the USA to the Philippines, it is given that the nations separated by miles and different time met in the same cause, goal and is bound by brotherhood and friendship. But more than this personal attachment between the two, Barack Obama, the president of the USA said that Philippines is the “key voice” in Asia.
“(Obama ) described the Philippines as a key voice in the region that is well-positioned to lead efforts to address such challenges as climate change, global pandemics, and non-proliferation,” says the Philippines Embassy found in Washington last Saturday.
Obama further said that the country has a significant role in “ensuring that the region’s evolving architecture advances peace, security, and economic opportunity,” as addressed by the embassy.
This was confirmed by Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose Cusia Jr. when he presented the credentials to the White House last Friday.
The president of the US further said that US and Philippines “work closely together on an important range of issues, including humanitarian projects, supporting war veterans, or combating transnational threats.”
The president stressed that the bonds between the US and Philippines is one of the lands most enduring international relationship and the alliance between this country has endured the test of times.
“Our long-standing partnership promotes peace, development, and prosperity around the world,” Obama said.

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