PH cops makeover: no need for new uniforms

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courtesy of gmanetwork.comThe police force is currently in the process of revamping their image by having a new look through a brand new uniform. New designs were showcased by our policemen and women to see which will suit best for the prim and proper upholding of the law. The “Cop Walk” fashion show has featured 16 sets of proposed uniforms at Camp Crame in Quezon City Thursday night (July 4, 2013).


The chocolate colored uniform was once the dominant color for peace and order. As policemen were tagged as chocolate boys while they stand on their posts all day. In the years that passed, the mud shade turned into a navy-blue hue.The bluish colored uniform though evokes the idea of truth and moderation but it no longer reflects the same as the police force is marred by thoughts of deception and fear.


The modification of the uniforms of our police officers can be classified as necessary but not important and not immediate. What the people want to see is a stable and trustworthy police force. Someone whom they can put their trust again in times of danger and not the other way around.


The people are already doubtful of the integrity of our policemen. As more and more crime fighters become offenders and law breakers themselves.


The fund that will be used to purchase materials and labor to produce these new overalls should better be allocated in training our cops and in acquiring additional and newer weaponry.

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