Palace scatters photos of a working president

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courtesy of groups and street protesters have found a new way to express their grave feeling of disappointment on the nation’s quality of leadership as seen with the current dismal state of the country.


Dubbed as “Noynoying” which is derived from the famous “planking” that has become one of the famous poses among photography enthusiasts for quite some time, the pose suggests (as seen on the photos) merely a state of lying around and doing nothing (idling per se). This is what the militant groups believe on how PNoy is currently addressing the issues of our country, clearly an insult to the Philippine president.


Malacanang denies these allegations made by these protest groups and started sending off various photos of the “working” and very industrious leader. All photos are trying to be communicative in the sense that the government want to clearly appear transparent to the public on the affairs of the palace. Still, a few are convinced with the photos and are expecting “realism” among these graphic portraits.


Here are some reasons behind the “Noynoying” accusation that has brought the feeling of unresponsiveness on the government’s side:

  1. Unwavering oil price hike.
  2. Steadfast rise of tuition fees on colleges and universities.
  3. Continuous plea for wage hike by labor groups .
  4. Issue over land reforms which some believe the CJ Corona Impeachment Case is being used to delay the distribution of lands in Hacienda Luisita.
  5. (More than) 500 day  prosecution of former president Arroyo.
  6. Inaction on disaster prevention after Visayas and Mindanao succumbed to the disasters that befall them.


We hope that the present government will do its best in addressing the problems of our country and consider prioritizing what’s best for the greater good and less of their personal gain; after all they are “public servants.” Otherwise, anyone would think that our leader is just another puppet on play to cause more suffering to the less fortunate, not to mention, the scandalous claims of those propagandas against the Aquinos may soon become a reality.

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