Looking beyond the rubbles of the past

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courtesy of todayonline.comThe devastating earthquake that rocked the province of Bohol on October of this year (2013) has left majority of our national and cultural heritage in ruins.


Tourist spots and centuries old churches are crumbled to the ground. Halting the tourism activity in the region as swarms of aftershocks are posing more threat for residents and guests.


Looking at this pile of rocks and debris which once were cornerstones of our history and religious edifice, one will surmise that all is terribly lost. Yet the Filipino resiliency has always emerged despite disasters that came to our country.


It is undoubtedly a matter of perspective.


Churches will be rebuilt according to collated photos and plans. The famous Chocolate hills which was also damaged will have a new feature since the quake has revealed the insides of these unusual rock formations. Everything will be much more fascinating and historical.


When we see things as matters lost we will not have the urge to start over and take steps to move forward.


Our Visayan brothers who have shown their will to prevail over their loss is something that everyone should imitate.


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