Iglesia ni Cristo supports RH Bill

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More and more Christian denominations are surfacing and vocally stating their support on the controversial Reproductive Bill that is highly ratified in the Congress. Despite the Roman Catholic’s vigilant disapproval on the bill, President Benigno Aquino gained allies as Iglesia ni Cristo, one of the most influential denomination in the country steps up and proclaim their support for the passing of the bill.


Roman Catholic’s high ranking officers had widely condemned the passing of the bill along with its political supporters. They even threatened to excommunicate legislators who would vote in favour of the bill. Most legislators and senators are in hot water after this knowing that once they would be out of favour from the church, chances of them winning the next election would be slim because the church’s blessing would not be bestowed upon them. The priest’s threat is not something to be taken lightly as majority of Filipinos are staunch Catholics. As a result, most legislators are gingerly treading on the bill for fear of being demonized by the church. But upon the proclamation of the President with his view on the RH bill, priests seemed to shrink back out of view. This made those hesitant pro-advocates to surface and voiced their support for the bill and the President.


Iglesia ni Cristo is the first denomination to air publicly their support stating that the Catholic’s alternative of natural family planning is immoral. INC stood firm on their belief that the bill is truly pro-life, pro-poor, and pro-national development and should therefore be passed. They also take a swipe with the Catholic’s natural family planning in the statement addressed to the House population and family relations committee chairman Rep. Rogelio Espina. According to their Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo, the natural family planning is a contradiction of the actual teachings in the Bible.


“These methods are not only unnatural and ineffective but they also are immoral, since they contradict the commandment that God has given to married couples. The Bible instructs married couples not to deprive one another of intimate marital relations for long, extended period of time,” Manalo said.


“Further, any abstinence at all for a married couple is supposed to be with the mutual consent of husband and wife and not for the purpose of preventing pregnancies,‚Äù he said.


Many sects and people had noted previously on the Catholic’s seeming tyranny on the imposition of the bill. They resorted to treats and religious dominion just to push through with their plans. Many pro-advocates noted how it was uncannily alike to the traditional Spanish friars who once exercised absolute power to get things done. Still, majority of the Filipinos are hoping for the bill since it is already long overdue and very much needed.

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One Response to Iglesia ni Cristo supports RH Bill

  1. j.v says:

    bakit kayo palaging naninira sa ibang relihiyon, lalo n sa katoliko hindi nyo ba alam na ang relihiyon na inyong sinisira ay siyang totoong rlihiyon na itinayo ni jesus noong 33 A.D. mag aral nga kayo ng history upang malalaman nyo ang totoo, wag kayong daldal ng daldal kapatid. kund ang inyong relihiyon ay itinay ng taong 1914 kay bro manalo, bago ang 1914 saan kayo sumasamba? YAN ANG PAG ISIPAN NYONG MABUTI KAPATID.