Covering the skies with concrete pavements

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skyway constructionA possible “skyway” similar infrastructure will soon connect the cities of Manila, Makati and Quezon City when the Aquino administration approves the proposed project of Citra-PNCC (Philippine National Construction Corporation.)


The 14-kilometer stretch of a 6-lane elevated expressway from Buendia to Balintawak will make way to ease off traffic in the metro primarily aiming to decongest vehicular traffic along EDSA (Epifanio de los Santos Avenue). It will have 8 entrances and exits; Buendia, Quirino Avenue, Plaza Dilao, Aurora Boulevard, E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon Avenue, Sgt. Rivera Street and Balintawak.


CPA (Citra-PNCC Alignment), as termed, is expected to cost P24 billion which has been targeted to be completed within 30 months. Pondering on that information, we will surely be experiencing one hell of a travel when the said project pushes through.


A P99 toll is reported to be charged to motorists who will utilize the said express road way.


Despite the said announcement of the Aquino government’s possible first flagship infrastructure project, some are reluctant about the idea of putting up another road eyesore.


Indeed, the CPA can be a probable solution to lessen heavy traffic on our major streets yet most of the city dwellers cannot get rid of the idea of another “unnecessary” public expenditure and possibly just another way for our public servants to liquidate the people’s money.


Also, charging the people of P99 toll fee just to pass through a 14-kilometer road is again a big question. Our government is collecting enough amount of taxes from our hard-earned money and we believe that this road should be at least free of charge for us to enjoy what we have paid for otherwise, the government should think of other (practical) ways of utilizing our taxes.


Let us not set aside the information that there are several factors that contribute to our daily painful commuting; observing discipline, road safety and valid implementation of traffic laws to mention a few. If the concerned agencies can somehow take into consideration resolving the issue through these facts, investing in another nuisance structure can be discarded.


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