Car safety feature may have lead to death of two kids

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courtesy of philstar.comMany Filipinos have shown sympathy with the parents of the two boys who strangely have died after being locked inside a luxury car in Taguig.


Surely, it is very hard to accept this reason if you were the parents of such very young kids who lost their lives in this way.


Hearing the news, I wasn’t sure if their cause of death was valid enough to accept. Dayne Buenaflor (3) and James Naraga (4) died of severe dehydration. Their bodies were discovered when Alvin Bionisio was instructed to clean the black Benz where the two were found.


The two kids were last seen playing hide-and-seek with their friends and may have spotted the vehicle as a bright idea to hide in.


The car which is owned by Gregorio Valenzuela has been sitting in that parking lot for two years now after it has been damaged during the Tropical Storm Ondoy in 2009.


Investigators denied foul play concerning the children’s death. They were reported to be “child-locked” and were instantly trapped inside the car. Their ages may reflect ignorance on the presence of such car safety features.


Being a parent, I will feel grief for the loss of my child but looking on the bright side, the cause is more satisfactory than blaming their deaths on another human being. As we know, there have been reports of children being kidnapped or even found dead without their internal organs.


Still, I am hoping that the true cause of their tragic departure be disclosed for their soul’s eternal rest.

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