Bro. Eddie Villanueva Say “Yes” to Death Penalty

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Bangon Pilipinas presidential aspirant Bro. Eddie Villanueva said “Yes” for the restoration of the death penalty. His answer is quite a surprise because everyone knows that Bro. Eddie is a religious leader and founder of the Jesus is Lord Fellowship.

Bro. Eddie cited that the Death Penalty is biblical and it has biblical basis.

“It is biblical,” said the Jesus is Lord (JIL) born-again Christian group founder in told a forum organized by the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines in Makati City that the measure is effective against those involved in heinous crimes.

Villanueva said the re-imposition should be for heinous crimes “committed by moneyed people, not by poor people.”
The crimes committed by moneyed people are usually plunder, syndicated kidnappings and warlordism, he said.

He said warlordism “caused the gruesome massacre of 57 innocent people in Maguindanao (last November 23, 2009).”
Among the other presidential bets who attended the forum, only independent candidate Senator Jamby Madrigal supported Villanueva’s call for the restoration of death penalty.

Madrigal pressed for the return of the capital punishment, specifically for plunderers. “When you plunder a country, you kill many people,” Madrigal said.

The five other presidential candidates namely Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III of the Liberal Party, Sen. Richard Gordon of Bagumbayan Party, independent candidate Nicanor Perlas, and Councilor John Carlo “JC” de los Reyes of Ang Kapatiran Party – were against the reimposition of the death penalty which was deferred by President Arroyo in June, 2006.

Sen. Manny Villar of the Nacionalista Party and former President Joseph Estrada of the Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino failed to attend the FOCAP forum.

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5 Responses to Bro. Eddie Villanueva Say “Yes” to Death Penalty

  1. yollly says:

    dapat lang na mabalik ang death penalty nagpakatotoo lang si bro. eddie at jamby. hindi katulad sa ibang presidentiables na walang paninindigan sa kanilang sarili at natatakot baka hindi iboboto ng sambayanan. hipokrito sila! o baka nagbulagbulagan lang, tingnan nyo naman ang nangyayari sa mindanao massacre kung isa sa pamilya ninyo ang pinatay doon ano ang masasabi nyo? Hanga ako sa kagitingan ni bro. eddie at jamby. Dapat sana pati iyong mga politiko na magnanakaw ng pera sa bayan death penalty din. bro. eddie I VOTE FOR YOU kahit isa akong muslim.

  2. Nemesio says:

    Villanueva is a fundamentalist christian, that makes him dangerous and irrational. Restoring the death penalty just because it’s biblical is unsound because he might as well kill all homosexuals and non-Christians or non-Jews just because it’s biblical.

  3. rey valiente says:

    we are for bro eddie

  4. tots says:

    The God of the fundamentalist Christian is a God of love and at the same time a God of justice. There is room for mercy and also room for punishment. The fundamentalist Christian believes that the government serves to reward those who follow the law and punish those disobey it.

    Nemesio’s premise above is invalid and it immediately jumped into a conclusion. The Bible has to be taken into context when interpreting its verses. Just because the Bible talks about death penalty does not mean that all criminals have to be put under death penalty. This is irrational! Don’t you know that the Bible also talks about the Year of Jubilee wherein criminals are set free every 50 years? Who is being irrational now?

    Because I believe in the God of justice whom Bro. Eddie preaches, I am for Bro. Eddie. Because I believe that Bro. Eddie believes in a God who loves every Filipino people, I will vote for Bro. Eddie!

    Sama na rin kayo! Kay EDDIE na tayo!

    “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne, mercy and truth go before You.” Psalm 89:14

  5. HostSamurai says:

    first of all maka-diyos ba ang execution moratorium… gawin ba natin ang mali noon sa pagbitay kay echegaray?? nakakahiya si bro eddie daladala pa naman ang pangalan ng diyos susmaryosep… i mean no offense pero ikaw mismo sugo”daw” ng diyos… remember the 5th commandment mr eddie?? “thou shall not kill” ganyan ba ang isasagot ng isang alagad ng diyos?? ang pumatay ng kapwa tao dahil sa ginawang krimen… killing has never been a moral act… for god’s sake where is the value and right for every human?? what is punishment for?? diba para pagbayaran ng kriminal ang krimeng ginawa nya… it’s a second chance a chance for a change…

    now ask yourself matatawag ka pa bang bro namin sa pagpabor mo sa death penalty law?? wala ka nang pinagkaiba sa mamamatay tao…