Boston’s Annual fun run turns deadly

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courtesy of bet the whole world was shocked to find out about what happened at the Boston Marathon . It is as surprising and even puzzling to know that even events such as this will be as dangerous as it can be for everyone else.


Up until now, leads to the bombing incident hasn’t been cleared. The reason behind this another “terror-attack” in American soil is creating fear even on other parts of the globe. For Pinoys, run events are currently the “in” thing as more are enjoy being part of the similar kind of gig. But bombs exploding on places like this is a horrifying scene for all runners and marathon lovers.


The photos that were posted at several websites relating to the Boston bombing are grotesque and grisly. There’s a lot of blood everywhere. Even an actual footage of the bomb exploding on the course of the marathon will send chills up your spine when you happen to see the video.


It is so sad to hear that one of the casualties in the bombing incident is an 8-year old boy. Moreover, some of the injured people will likely have their limbs amputated because of the tremendous damage incurred by this staggering blast.


Here are some details regarding the Boston Marathon Bombing incident:

  • Two bombs were set 50-100 meters apart
  • One of the bombs set-off near the finish line
  • There were five more undetonated bombs found
  • The explosion killed 3 people and injured more than a 100
  • The state of Massachusetts is celebrating Patriot’s Day when this unfortunate event happened
  • 17,584 out of 23,326 runners made it to the finish line before the explosion

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