Are Pinoys ready to use bus terminals?

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courtesy of solarnews.phWhen the city of Manila implemented the bus ban on their streets, many commuters were stranded. Both bus operators and passengers share the same protest against the city’s new ruling. Buses without any terminals in the city were no longer allowed to enter the vicinity and will be required to secure a permit of some sort from the city hall of Manila. In a way regulating the number of entering buses in the city to minimize road traffic and air pollution.


Regular passengers complain on this new directive because of the inconvenience it will bring to them. Instead of having a single trip through the bus line where they used to go, they will be forced to take several trips just to make it to their destination.


MMDA recently opened a bus terminal in Pasay City that will serve as a staging point for Metropolitan buses. Provincial bus lines will no longer be allowed to traverse the streets of the Greater Manila Area. Again, chaos has greeted this newly instituted transport line.


Over the years, buses became the number one cause of road blocks and fatal accidents in the metro. Several solutions where provided to help ease the problems this kind of transport has brought about. Millions of taxpayer’s money were used to implement schemes that will solve the everyday hellish commute.


I believe there are plans that buses will no longer be allowed to stop anywhere anytime just as we are used to. That is why terminal points are slowly being utilized so as to corroborate the future plan. But are we ready to face the long walks and cut trips to our destination? Will bus operators convene with this plan?


If we are to look at the bus schemes from other parts of the world, they do have bus terminals for stops and no one is allowed to get on and off in any other place other than a bus stop sign. I think this will work if certain factors will be met and considered. Like, strategic locations of bus stops, effective bus routes that will cover enough roads, distribution and regulation of operating bus lines and of course disciplined Filipinos.


I hope our governing agencies will take into account the issues before arriving to a decision that will not only entail discomfort and worsen our traffic issues but also waste valuable time and money. Millions of pesos down the drain again.

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