All-out justice?

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The Aquino government has clarified its statements against the call of majority of the Filipino people to launch an offensive attack against the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) group who has claimed responsibility to the death of 19 soldiers killed in the Basilan clash on October 18, 2011. There are a few more being added to the number of dead soldiers in the attempt to pursue the people responsible for the ‘crime.’


The government’s statement is tricky and in some way inhibits a ‘play-safe’ stand against the immediate violent action. What do they mean all-out justice instead of all-out war against these rebels?


I believe the MILF will not turn over their people as easy as that just to pay respects to the peace talks. It is clear that this group will not likely give up their cause and only death will prevent them from doing so.


Ever since then, I have heard of these groups against the government; the New People’s Army, the Abbu-Sayyaf and the MILF. All have their own objectives against the Philippine government and clearly what they call for is not what the government will likewise give into. War will be the only answer. No two opposing forces will eventually come into stable sides. Each side aims to get hold more of what the other side have and vice-versa. The Filipino crab-mentality. Balance of power is a dream for the Filipino.


It has been a long time since the peace talks were taken into consideration as a tool to bridge the gap between the government and the people in Southern Mindanao. It is evident that these anti-government forces will never be accepting governance from the likes of the present government.


It seems these peace talks are just for ‘show’ just to prove that our public servants are taking responsibility of the situation. War is becoming a lame excuse for the people in play to get hold of more money in their pockets while soldiers are just like pawns to their unending battle.

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