Acosta appointed as environmental adviser

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Former Congressman Juan Romeo Nereus Acosta (Neric Acosta) was picked by President Aquino to be his presidential adviser for environmental protection.

Acosta was known for his environmental advocacy. He is responsible for the legislation of the groundbreaking “Clean Air Act” of 1999.

The former legislator was once believed to be assigned to a cabinet post before, yet a controversial campaign has prevented the Aquino government in proceeding with the plan. However, the president claims that he will appoint Acosta to a different post for some are opposing his appointment to the DENR office.

Neric Acosta ran for the congress on the previous 2010 elections under the Liberal party but unfortunately, did not make it as a Representative for Bukidnon.

The ban for appointing defeated candidates has already been lifted last May this year making Acosta’s appointment legitimate.

Even with Acosta’s eligibility due to his experience as an environmentalist, people are still wondering how the government will run somewhat two similar agencies. Acosta will be holding a different office from that of the DENR secretary. This would mean additional expenses will be incurred from the people’s money and conflict may rise in terms of jurisdiction regarding environmental issues while running these two identical agencies of the government.

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