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courtesy of interaksyon.comThe recently concluded State of the Nation Address (SONA) was the 4th one by President “Noynoy” Aquino and it reminds us that our dear leader is nearly a couple of years away before he ends his term.


This, in record, was the longest speech he made an  somehow featured a variety of accomplishments and a smorgasboard of plans for the future. He also tackled the 2013 elections, TESDA outcomes, tourism, infrastructure development, possible traffic solutions, informal settlers attenuation, and the status of Hacienda Luisita farmland grant to deserving farmers.


What he repeatedly mentioned and got instilled in my mind is the phrase, “Hindi tayo magpapamana ng problema sa susunod na mamumuno..” (We will not be turning over problems to the next head of state). Firm words that exemplifies that our leader is a man of action.


He singled out people in his administration who performed well and unshamely acknowledged individuals who did not. A rather different context from the previous speeches were fault finding and revenge is the subject.


Some of us would have counted the number of times PNoy coughed and cleared his throat while giving us the lengthy speech. Surely, anyone would feel the same when you stand in front of millions of people not knowing how they would react to your words. We do hope it is not a serious health concern.


The SONA does not only reflect the performance of our current government. It is in its core also mirrors what all of us has done for our country during the previous year. Because we people dictate to our government what to do.


Only in listening can we react accordingly and in effect contribute to the betterment of our society. Anyway, the SONA is always delivered in local tongue. It is for us to decide if we would participate or not.


This time I can say, “well done Mr. President…”

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