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When there is lechon, surely there are Filipinos. Lechon is a symbol of celebration or festivity anywhere in the Philippines, except for Muslims and other religions who prohibit pork. However, renowned and presumptuous chef, journalist and TV host Anthony Bourdain said, that he tried all lechons, but the best so far that passed his intricate taste are the ones made in Cebu and even I myself can attest to that. Displaying a spit-roasted pig, with a moist golden brown and crunchy skin of juicy pork the festive table makes it look grand. The famous historians and popular food writer Doreen Fernandez, consider the dish as the “centerpiece” of Filipino buffets particularly now that it is Christmas and New Year.

The 10 top traditionally roasted lechon outlets in Manila that came out to be famous were:

10. Lydia’s Lechon: located at, Timog Avenue, Quezon City and all areas in Manila near you.

Their lechons are bit burnt and have the right saltiness you want your lechon to be, eaten with thick standard lechon sauce. Must be eaten right away, because its crispiness cannot retain.

9. Junjun’s Cebu Lechon: Address: Ground Floor DLA Bldg.n and Justicia Drive corner Bonifacio Blvd., Global City, Taguig

They serve true Cebu-styled lechon, meat is tender and juicy with salt as the only flavor tasted even without sauce on it just like the original Cebu lechon that is mouth watering.

8. Jiro’s Lechon: address: Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

They serve lechon in small servings, and are quite affordable for the budget. Cebu-styled lechon with a sauce that is perfect for dipping, to enjoy more the crispiness of their lechon.

7. Sabroso Lechon: Address: 1237 E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City

The skin of their lechon has a nice golden brown color, lighter in some sides and a bit darker on the other portion. They served one that has the moist meat with a flavorful taste and an aftertaste of strong ginger. It is stuffed with herbs in roasting, which are their top secret.

6. Cris Native Lechon: Address: 129 N. Domingo Street, Brgy. Kaunlaran, Quezon City

They serve Cebu-styled lechon, stuff with lemongrass, leeks, salt and other spices. They use a small amount of molasses, thinly brushed on the lechon’s skin as their secret to golden brown skin. They claim that without the sauce, you still enjoy the favor of their Lechon.

5. Aling Loring: Address: 6 J. Eustaquio Street, San Juan

They have been roasting lechon way back 1960’s, their loyal customer is the former President Joseph Estrada and family. Aling Loring roasts her lechon to a perfect brown color, albeit not regular because some portion are charred black. The skin of it, is smooth and thin as a cracker. The best way to eat lechon is by hand and dipping it with spicy gravy that has liver on it enhances the flavor more.

4. Mila’s Lechon: Address: 132 West Trade Center, West Avenue, Quezon City

Lechon eaters usually go for the crispiness of the skin and Mila’s Lechon is very good at that. They serve lechon with skin that is golden brown in color with thick layer of fat attach to it. Their lechon has a rare finger licking taste that excels from the rest with crunchiness that cracks on every bite and its crispiness retains, that is rare to other lechons.

3. Ulcing’s: Address; A-Q6 Jusmag Area, Southside, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

Ulcing’s has been roasting pigs for more than 30 years now. Its crunchiness remains after several hours of serving; the skin skews on the salty side and is less oily. Seasoned well, with lemongrass that is just enough. You love every bite of it, even without sauce.


2. ELAR’S: Address: 151 Quezon Ave. corner Speaker Perez St., Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City

Elar’s lechon is deliciously tempting for lechon lovers. Has perfect roast, with bronzed and a nice orange hue of the skin. The smooth skin is crunchy in most parts, with an oily sheen that covers the roasted skin containing thin layers of fats around it and the lean meat is tender and soft, with just the slightest hint of saltiness. Best eaten without sauce.

1. General Lechon: Address: 3 Guillermo St., Ramos Compound, Sun Valley Drive, Paranaque

General’s Lechon, though relatively new compared to other lechoneros, has been the favorite so far. They come in garlic, curry, and chili garlic flavors. They served a Negros-styled lechon that is very delicious up to the last bite.

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