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Travelling is now an affordable luxury that anyone could finally do. The competing airlines had helpfully brought the fares down. Some airlines are even offering left and right promotions to gain patrons and the result has been overwhelming. The percentage of people travelling by plane had increased significantly on the last two years. This a sure sign that people now favours the comfort of travelling by plane now that it is affordable and with a price that does not differ a lot from that of commercial ship transportation.


Online airline promotions have been mushrooming unexpectedly and a lot of people had been swarming on these sites to avail of a way too low fares. It is usually a first come first serve basis and the tickets could only be purchased online. Cebu Pacific had been the leading airline company to offer promotions and it is not giving tips on how to avail of the promo.


1. Airline sales are usually 2-3 months in advance. Plot your travel as early as you can preferably 2-3 months before. Most of the sale promos occurs 2-3 months before your intended travel. So if you plan to travel on June to December, better book it now to save a huge chunk of your money.


2. Scour the internet often and subscribe to the airline ticket for updates. Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines often published their promos in the Facebook so it is a good idea to subscribe to their online newsletter as they could send you timely promos in advance.


3. Watch out for holidays. Promos offered by Cebu Pacific Airline are often offered in holidays and weekdays. These significant holidays were given a special tribute by giving promos to those who wish to travel. EDSA 25 was celebrated with P25 peso fare promo offered by the Cebu Pacific.


4. Destination sale are limited. If the sale is not scheduled on a holiday, more likely it is only a destination fare promo. This means that only a specified destination on a given date is offered. So better watch out for this as Cebu Pacific sporadically offers destination sale in the areas that you might be visiting next time.


5. Visit their site often and prepare your debit or credit card. Promos could only be availed online on a first come first served basis so always have your cards ready. You could visit the site on the given link. So enjoy and happy flying!
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  1. rene ogardo says:

    how much the total promo fare going to tacloban at 8.21pesos for the travel period of january 15 2012