The secret to a chorale’s success

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courtesy of xarkiMaintaining a church choir is one great responsibility. Furthermore, keeping a harmonious relationship among its members is the one critical piece that is most of the time taken for granted.


For the past 17 years of my exposure to a handful of choral groups in our parish, I have witnessed varying degree of problems befalling choral groups. Tone-deaf yet dedicated members or members who’d rather have a different agenda for joining the chorale have been the same old story.


But one of the difficult things to keep is establishing a smooth-sailing relationship between its members. Considering the age gaps, personal beliefs and even their interests may hinder in conducting a firm bond among these individuals.


The Guadanoville Glee Club, a small community choir in our village has managed to overcome these choral dilemmas. Proudly, we have surpassed the issues that majority of church choirs in our own parish have succumbed to.


Honestly, one of the secrets of a successful chorus does not depend on the proficiency of the voices or the mastery of the musical piece. It is the friendship that binds us together to move, act and breathe as one. Trust in each other, supporting and consoling the troubled, and accepting and believing one’s self is what made my group endure the storms that tend to destroy that bond.


Keeping an atmosphere of friendship will help in building a solid framework for choirs so they can serve and convey a solid message to their audience. Their song can be heard as one – one that can greatly move one’s soul and soften a stone-cold heart.

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