The Power of Green tea is Amazing!

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People must be aware that Green tea plant is a gift from God to keep us healthy. Green tea has a scientific name called, Camella Sinensis, it is widely accepted as a healthy drink. Most particularly in Asia, people tend to be health conscious nowadays. I am happy to say that, Philippines, is abundant with this amazing herbs that cures and supplements. This is considering an amazing gift from God for humanity taken from nature that heals and a helps in times of difficulty. The phenomenal benefits of green tea certainly prevent them from buying medicines in the future since having it in your diet every day; will rid you of all dreaded diseases, like cancer and many more.

Back in ancient times, tea actually originated in China, 4000 years ago. Later, introduced in Japan, who is a wide tea drinker and finally now, in the Philippines. Green tea is known, of its various miraculous powers to recount. Due to its medicinal and natural properties of genuine green tea, it quenches thirst; and helps in proper digestion as well. Other proven benefits of this marvelous drink are as follows: it helps remove phlegm; it makes you active and combats body weakness, stimulates renal function, improves vision, mental booster, burns down fats and dissolves greasiness.

Here in the Philippines, Green tea has been accepted as a very healthy drink, and I am one of those who can attest that it really works. Eventually, various studies performed on these special herbs proved that the amazing medicinal characteristics of the plant are supported scientifically. The recommended amount of green tea to achieve optimum benefits is, 4 cups each day. Camella Sinensis contains amino acid, threonine, carotenoid, chlorophyll, phroanthocyanidin, and catechin.

The amazing beneficial facts of Green tea are:

  • It reduces the risk of cancer in stomach, colon, liver and lung. It prevents heart disease too
  • It further combat all stages of cancer, by upsetting chemical carcinogens to restrain the spreading of tumors
  • Contains ECGC, it is 100 more potent antioxidant than vitamin C
  • 25times more powerful than vitamin E
  • It prevents high blood pressure and arterial sclerosis
  • It helps fight viruses and bacteria in food poisoning and cavities
  • It aids the person with diabetes in blocking the enzymes that absorbs sugar
  • Stimulates the nervous system and brain enhancer as well
  • It detoxifies the body and eliminates toxins from the body by acting as diuretic
  • Boost the HDL cholesterol and lowers the LDL, and cures the gums
  • It impedes virus such as, HIV, Hepatitis and herpes

Green tea has become so popular, even here in the Philippines, where people just boil their own tea out from the leaves grown in their backyard. Go!  Start to concoct your tea now and aim to prolong your life and improve your health, with just 4 glasses of green tea a day so that you can see the potential of this wonder herb from nature.

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