Splash Island: your water slide getaway

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courtesy of bubblews.comI never thought that I had it in me to enjoy all the slides at Splash Island in Biñan Laguna. Every time we pass by the South Luzon expressway (SLEx), I tend to be in awe of the giant slides (Magellan’s Drop) which are as tall as a 3 storey building or maybe higher.


When I first visited the place, I only made out the most of the wave pool (Agos Grandes) and the Balsa River which serenely traverses the whole venue.


Fortunately, the second time I get to visit this wonderful getaway was on a team building with my officemates. I also dragged along my best friend whom I didn’t know is a great adventurer and risk taker. She challenged me to tag along, making sure that we get to experience the thrill of each slide.


Each slide has a schedule so that the guests can enjoy each one without the worry that they are not properly maintained. After all, we’re just thrill seekers but one’s safety is still of topmost concern.


We were able to buy discounted tickets online which allowed us to enjoy all the 5 slides for adults since the 3 slides (Bannakita, Curl of the Orient and Twin Coco Knots) are for kids. Since it was a Sunday we had to wait in line and sometimes bringing our inflatables with us. The wait was worth the experience though since there are slides where you can see the path you will traverse (Rio Montañosa and Dos Supremos) but there are also surprising ones which suddenly curves or dips down (Big Bam Boo, King Pilipit and Twisted Palms) causing one to shriek or even shout like your life depended on it.


There are slides that are just for 1 person at a time then there are pairs (which is a blessing for me since I get to have my best friend shrieking along with me!).


Finally, I get to experience the 3 storey building slide, Magellan’s Drop. Once you get to the top, it is understandable to get a feeling that you want to back out since you can feel the cold wind of Laguna while looking down at the nerve-wrecking height you get to slide down on just using a rubber mat and facing up front. Then again, encouraged by my best friend I did go down and exactly followed the instructor’s directions to the dot and whew!!! You can’t forget the feeling of adrenaline rush as you go down though I had to close my eyes for a part of it because of the water splashing on me. But what a great experience of finally conquering my fear of the tallest slide in the country!

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