Snails: consider pets for kids

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courtesy of oldsterview.wordpress.comThere will be a time that a kid will yearn for a pet of his own. Something to share their life with and something that will introduce them to life’s values – responsibility, love and care.


Having a pet to take care of and spend some time each day is one great experience. Pets are somehow the next best thing to have as a friend other than your usual peer group. They can serve as your stress relievers during difficult times.


My eldest son (Albert) has found his first pet at the age of eight. Though most of us would be going for dogs, or cats or fish as our pals, he chose to stray from the usual stuff and instead delve into one of the world’s creepy crawlers.


His discovery of a young, tiny and cute snail at the school grounds during our attendance at his grade school’s PTA meeting has introduced him to the world of snails. Honestly, we were a bit undecided to keep him at first but my son’s interest has paved the way to even owning another one.


We were awed and somehow bedazzled when Albert let the snail whom he named Gary walk through the palm of his hand. The slimy, sticky and wet feeling may induce grossness for most of us yet he was not dejected by the idea.


It never came to me that snails can be made as house pets but our small information gathering brought us to some curious finds. Albert is not the only one harboring snails but there are others as well.


The snail idea is for us, the best thing to let kids start with in terms of having a pet. Though it is odd, as we would say it is a good starting point before spending more on expensive chihuahuas.

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