Selfies: self-portraits of the modern times

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Talking about selfies, have you seen the record breaking photo of actors who attended the 86th Academy Awards?


Looking at the photo with the smorgasbord of famous foreign talents, will make you gasp in awe but the story how the picture came into being will even leave you speechless. I think Ellen Degeneres did her job very well.


In the past, self-portraits were only done by great artists like Leonardo Da Vinci. Only skilled artists can vividly create their very own portraits. And maybe it has taken him days or even years to finish it. That is why we owe it to the makers of the camera for giving us a way to capture the best moments of these events.


We are in the period of selfie photography where taking a snapshot of yourself during your milestone then instantaneously sharing it with the world is the norm.


How do you take out a selfie photo? Well, a picture can be considered a selfie if first it has you in it, and second it was taken by yourself without any help from another person. Most of the time these images are captured by mobile phones or pocketable digital cameras. Either through a front facing camera, phone’s rear camera or in front of a mirror.


A lot of people especially Pinoys are participating in this craze. Though I am one of the few unskilled enough to do this kind of shot which is why I admire people who can strike a pose and get the right frame.


Our passion to take those selfies will be forever fueled as resources to do the task are getting more available and much easier.


But would you prefer taking a selfie or have someone take your photo?

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